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June 2

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Mar 20, 2019
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    June 2
    Hi, I'm Qetah.

    I'm the owner of Sunverse and head of our administration team.

    While I'm happy to help players when I can, we have a team of fantastic community administrators, network developers and volunteer security, construction and support staff that are capable of addressing most of your questions. Therefore, I prefer that you don't ask me for support, and will delete support requests posted to my profile page.

    If you do want to talk to me, please send me a private message. I'm also active on our network's Discord, though I don't check my PMs there as frequently.

    Can I join the Sunverse staff?
    I mean, potentially, yes--see this page. I'm not just going to give it to you, though. We're always looking for talented Game Helpers and Builders.

    Can I make a video of your server?
    Yes! We love Sunverse videos (that follow our media rules). You might even qualify for YouTube rank in return for making them! I'm not the one to ask about that, though.

    Can you unban or unmute me?
    While I am able to directly overturn punishments, I don't do so except for in very specific cases, like verified staff abuse. Please make a ban appeal, it will be answered by a staff member.

    Can you add me as a friend/look at my post/et cetera?
    I try to be active in the Sunverse community and will interact with anyone or anything that I think is interesting! Feel free to post on my profile and send me messages about neat stuff you've created or seen.

    How do you pronounce “Qetah?”
    I say “kay-TAH”, but “KET-uh” is fine too.


    Owner and co-founder of the Sunverse Network.