These rules apply to both the servers and forums.

Sunverse Network Rules
Sunverse Rules Board
Changes to the Network Rules are decided by a committee called the Rules Board that consists of the Sunverse Security Manager, two moderators, and two non-staff players. The board votes on rule change suggestions supported by the community, including additions to or removals from the list of allowed modifications.

The Rules Board elects a Chairperson who runs meetings but has no extra powers. The Network Owner and Head of Staff may participate in board meetings and discussion, but cannot vote on rule changes. After the Board passes a rule change, the Security Manager formally updates the rules and creates a minor update post detailing any changes.

Any member can suggest new rules or rule changes in the Suggestions and Feedback section of the forums.

Rules Board Members (as of 2/5/19):

  1. Axolotls

    Board Member
  2. Vacant

    Board Member
  3. Vacant

    Board Chairperson
  4. Vacant

    Board Member
  5. Vacant

    Board Member
Rule 01 - Respect
Out of respect for other Sunverse players, language that is considered offensive, racist, obscene, personally insulting, or otherwise inappropriate should not be used in chat, on the forums, or as a username.
Why do we have this rule?
Sunverse is an environment where all players can expect to safely enjoy games and gameplay with others that respect them. While we're fairly lenient with things like light cursing, we cannot permit language that makes other members of the community feel disrespected or personally attacked. Therefore, we will issue temporary and permanent mutes, as well as other punishments in certain cases, to players who use disrespectful language through any of our network's platforms of communication.

What do we consider disrespectful language?

  • Spam: Filling chat or the forums with meaningless or distracting text.
  • Excessive Cursing: Using swear words in a high enough volume to make others uncomfortable.
  • Discrimination: Making derogatory comments about players' race, gender, religion, or other personal qualities.
  • Doxing: Sharing "real-life" personal or identifying information about other players.
  • Harassment: Threatening, trolling, or aggressively insulting other players, or encouraging others to do the same.
  • Evasion: Deliberately avoiding or trying to "outwit" our built-in chat filter.

What should I do if someone breaks this rule?
If someone's language is making you uncomfortable, we suggest using the Ignore tool in your player panel or /ignore {username}.
If someone is actively violating this rule, you can use the Report tool in your player panel or /report {username} to report them.
If you believe there's an immediate problem, use /gethelp to contact a Game Helper.
Rule 02 - Advertising
Active advertising of any website, product, server, or other content is forbidden.
Why do we have this rule?
Sunverse is not a social media site or a platform for you to advertise. We don't want users encouraging others to leave the server, particularly not if the purpose is promoting our competitors or your own personal site/social media account/channel. Additionally, 'phishing' sites and other harmful content can pose a danger to unsuspecting users. Therefore, we will mute or ban players who knowingly engage in advertising.

What do we consider advertising?

  • Other Servers: Encouraging players to join, or talking about, other Minecraft servers on Sunverse platforms.
  • Personal Content: Plugging your own website, YouTube or Twitch channel, or social media accounts.
  • Other Content: Advertising other websites or social media accounts, or additional media not related to Sunverse.

What about Sunverse-related content?
Advertising your Sunverse group, forum thread, Realm, or other Sunverse-related content is permitted as long as it does not violate our rules on spam and respectful language.

Why can't I post links in chat?
In an effort to prevent advertising, we have a small whitelist of web URLs that are permitted in chat. All others will be blocked. You may suggest the addition of new whitelisted sites to the Rules Board. links are always allowed.

What should I do if someone breaks this rule?
If someone is actively advertising, you can use the Report tool in your player panel or /report {username} to report them.
If you believe there's an immediate problem, use /gethelp to contact a Game Helper.
Rule 03 - Cheating
Using third-party mods, tools, or software to give yourself or others an advantage over other players, as well as knowingly exploiting bugs in Sunverse code, is forbidden.
Why do we have this rule?
Fairness is extremely important to us. We do not permit using any third-party mods or tools to make the game unfair by giving yourself or others an advantage in gameplay. Therefore, we will ban users who cheat or join Sunverse with active mods that are commonly used for cheating. We also forbid taking advantage of bugs in Sunverse games and code for the same reason.

Are any mods allowed?
Yes. The Rules Board maintains a list of modifications that Sunverse allows, which is viewable by clicking here. The rule of thumb is that any modification that does not give an advantage to players in gameplay is generally allowed. Using tools or modifications that are not on the list, even if you feel they don't give an advantage, is done at your own risk. You may suggest the addition of new permitted modifications to the Rules Board.

What constitutes glitch/bug exploitation?
Our developers work hard, but they aren't perfect. Bugs and glitches are sometimes present in games and code. If you encounter a glitch or bug, please file a bug report as soon as possible and don't try to tell others about the glitch or take advantage of it for your own benefit. We also offer Stardust bounties for valid bug reports!

What should I do if someone breaks this rule?
While the /report command and reporting tool in the user menu can be used to report cheaters, it's often difficult for cases to move forward without evidence. Therefore, we recommend that you either file a forum report and include screenshots or other evidence or use /gethelp to call a Helper to verify the cheating while it's still going on.
Rule 04 - Impersonation
Do not falsely claim to be a Sunverse Staff member or any other individual.
Why do we have this rule?
Our staff are critical to the smooth functioning of the server and community. We want it to be easy for players to tell who's a staff member and who isn't, and we don't accept anyone trying to exploit other players' trust in our staff for their own gain by falsely claiming to represent the staff team. Impersonation will result in a temporary or permanent ban.

How can I tell if someone is a staff member?

  • Administrators have red usernames and [Admin] tags in game.
  • Moderators have violet usernames and [Mod] tags in game.
  • Helpers have dark green usernames and [Helper] tags in game.
  • Builders have teal usernames and [Builder] tags in game.

Any player without one of these tags is not a member of Sunverse Staff.

What about undercover staff?
Sunverse Staff do not have access to "nicknames" or "disguises" and do not use alts to conduct incognitio duties. A staff member's staff status will always be visible to you on official communication channels (chat, Discord, and the forums.) Do not engage with anyone claiming to be a disguised staff member or staff member's alt, especially if they want something from you. If, for some reason, a staff member actually does use an alt to do their job in disguise, you may file a forum report against them for staff misconduct as this practice is forbidden by the staff handbook--staff can have alt accounts, like all players, but cannot use them for conducting staff-related duties.

What about non-staff?
Pretending or claiming to be another player or the alt of another player when you are not, even if that player is not a staff member, will result in a punishment. The same applies to claiming to be a YouTuber, streamer or other media partner.

What should I do if someone breaks this rule?
If someone is actively conducting impersonation, you can use the Report tool in your player panel or /report {username} to report them.
If you believe there's an immediate problem, use /gethelp to contact a Game Helper.

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