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    Ideas & Input Guide

    Our admin team is always looking for suggestions for awesome games and features and feedback on our existing content! However, we ask that you review these guidelines before you post your idea.

    Be constructive.

    While we do welcome feedback on pretty much any aspect of the server, we ask that you provide it in a responsible way. We understand that some things can be annoying or rage-inducing, but posts that contain inappropriate language, hate directed at staff or users, or are created specifically as a "rant" or a "ragepost" are in violation of our Rules and should be kept to yourself, or at least kept off our public forums. Dealing with flame wars and inappropriate or hateful posts in this section slows down the process of reviewing suggestions and feedback, so please keep this in mind when posting here.

    Be specific.
    We welcome all suggestions, but the more detail you provide, the more information we have to work with for your idea! The specificity of your post is entirely up to you, but more fleshed-out ideas are more likely to be evaluated by our admins.

    Repost Policy
    We encourage you to submit only unique suggestions. If someone else has already posted the exact same idea as you're thinking about posting, we recommend that you show your support by rating that post AGREE or simply liking it. If your idea is similar but not identical to another, consider commenting on that thread with your suggested changes! We don't delete non-unique suggestions, but they're less likely to be considered. However, please don't "bump" or repeatedly post the same idea over and over again. This will result in your posts being deleted and the possibility of punishment.

    Credit Policy
    We do not give official credit for accepted ideas, but we encourage you to recognize and/or celebrate your own accomplishment if your idea is implemented. Please note that we do provide credit for accepted game maps via our Map Submissions section, but maps should not be submitted here.

    Thank you so much for your ideas and input! With your help, we hope to make Sunverse the best network around.
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