The Sunverse Forums Mega-Guide (For New Members)

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    The Sunverse Forums Mega-Guide

    Welcome to the Sunverse Network forums! Here, you can learn more about the network, make friends, exchange ideas, and stay informed with the latest news! This is also a great place to find services for reporting players, asking questions, and appealing for punishments.

    To use this forum, just click the spoilers under what you would like to know!

    To create an account, just click on the "Sign Up" button at the top right of the page.


    Once you've done that, and filled the information out, you should receive a message like this:


    Once you see this, just check your e-mail for a message sent from Sunverse Networks, and click the confirmation link, and you're good to go!


    What's a good looking profile without a little bit of customization? Let's just cover what you're met with when you hover over your profile at the top right of your screen!

    Your Profile Page: Once you're done customizing your profile, you can preview what it looks like to other players, and see all of your recent interactions with forum posts!

    Personal Details: Here you can change things like your avatar, status, and provide more information about yourself!

    Signature: Here you can edit your signature, which appears at the bottom of every post you make on the forums!

    Contact Details: Here you can change your contact information, as well as provide some public contacts, if you'd like to do so!

    Privacy: Only want certain players sending you messages or viewing your details? Well you can do so here!

    Avatar: Here is a quicklink to change your profile picture!

    Now that you've gotten your account setup, it's time to start browsing the forums! To do this, simply hover over, or click on the Forums tab at the top of your page!


    Fun Fact: If you plan on actively participating in the forums, which I personally recommend doing, you can keep up to date on what's posted by clicking on the "New Posts" button once hovering over the Forums tab!

    When you click on the Forums tag, you will be met with a screen similar to this:


    This is the main forums section, where you can find categories that organize what is posted on the forums! Find a topic that best suits you, then go and check it out or make a post! I'll certainly be on the lookout for new content being posted!

    Of course it'd be wise to interact with others on the forums, but how can you do that?

    Well good thing for you, it's extremely simple!

    All you need to do is click on a post you'd like to reply to, scroll to the bottom, and you'll notice a screen like this one:


    Just type your response in the "Write your reply..." space, and hit Post Reply! But wait, want to get fancy? Then check out those marked sections on the image:
    The Orange section is where you can do things like adding bold, underlined, or italicized text, change font size and colors, and a few other neat formatting techniques, like images and spoilers, like this one!

    The Red section allows you to edit the BB code, and is pretty advanced for a new user.

    And finally, the Blue section allows you to upload files to your post, and a open up a panel for other options, such as allowing/disallowing other responses!

    Want to post a thread of your own for others to view? It's easy! Just follow these few steps! First, decide what category your post will best fit! If you have a neat trick to showcase to others, the best place to post would be in the Tutorials & Guides section. For things like posting pictures of your pet, you should post them in the Off Topic Discussion section. Just use common sense!

    Once you've decided which category to select, go ahead and click the Post New Thread button! You should receive a screen similar to this:


    From there, just write in what you would like to post, then click Create Thread! However, I personally recommend clicking the Preview button just to make sure your post comes out the way you'd like before posting!

    That's not all you can do! If you scroll down, you can notice some additional options!


    You can add a poll for users to vote on to your post! Just add a question, fill in the choices for them to answer, check how many options they can pick at once, and you're good to go!

    You can also alter the users ability to change their vote, change if the votes are displayed publicly, and even close the poll after a set amount of time! Pretty useful in some scenarios!

    Happen to stumble upon someone's post that is breaking the rules? Fortunately, there's a way to report that post for moderation and even removal!

    Just pop down to the bottom of the offending post, and click on the Report button!


    You should receive a pop-up like this!


    Just fill in the reason for the report, and leave it to the staff team to take care of! It's as easy as that!

    You've been shown how to change your profile picture, now how about your profile? Let's get into that!

    Your profile is an extra way for people to get introduced to who you are! It shows things like your ratings, recent posts, followers, and more! To access your profile, just hover over your name at the top right, and click Your Profile Page!


    You should come across a screen similar to this:


    Let's break it down!

    Orange is your Update Status bar! Here, you can post updates on whatever you'd like. Want to post your latest mood? By all means, go ahead! What about your current project on the network? Of course! As long as it follows our rules, you can post anything under 140 characters!

    Blue represents your tab area, where you can choose between viewing your Profile Posts, Recent Activity on the forums, a brief of your Postings which includes things like replies and comments, and your Information tab, which can display things like your signature and profile description!

    Green is your statistics bar for things such as your Join Date, Overall Rating, Warning and Trophy points, and your message count!

    Purple marks your Post Ratings, both ones you've received and given to others!

    You can also view and follow other players' profiles! Just click on the username of the person you wish to check out, and you should see something like this:


    The Profile Page button will take you to that users' profile, which shows a lot of the same stats your own profile has!

    The Start Conversation button will prompt you to start a message to that player! Good for smalltalk and meeting others!

    The Follow/Unfollow button will allow you to track other users' activity on the forums, and depending on their Privacy settings, allows/disallows you to message them!
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